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At Centro Health we have 2 Kinesiologists

Lisa Gray and Jennifer Gallanagh

Lisa Gray

Lisa’s journey to natural health has been instigated by her own health concerns over many years. With an upbringing of ‘going to the doctor’ for just about anything that wasn’t quite right, it became the normal way of dealing with ailments for many years.

Lisa soon realised she was in fact becoming more and more unhealthy and not taking responsibility for her own health in the way she should.

Having personally experienced allergies, asthma, weight gain, and other health issues at times, the majority of these have now been assisted, if not completely alleviated through natural therapies alongside any essential medical therapies needed.

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Jennifer graduated with a Masters Degree in Food Biotechnology and Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Nutrition from University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.
Always having an interest in natural medicine, she discovered the wonderful modality of kinesiology. Starting her kinesiology journey when she had a food sensitivity and experienced the benefits kinesiology made to her both physically and emotionally and from then she was intrigued with the modality.

She moved to Perth and completed a three year Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology. Now she is a member of the Australian Kinesiology Association and Centro Health’s team.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a form of complementary therapy that promotes the health of the body and is for anyone who wants to feel balance in their life. Kinesiology works through a process of energetic healing on a cellular level. It is not used to diagnose disorders.

The science of energy healing is grounded in the understanding of human anatomy and physiology. The effects of these imbalances are felt on a physical, mental, nutritional and emotional level. The imbalances are assessed and remedial action taken to resolve the stress reactions which are stored in the cells.

Kinesiology works with the muscles using a biomechanical feedback system directing the practitioner to the area of imbalance. Kinesiology can support and correct the stress in the specific muscle pattern using muscle monitoring techniques. Techniques are used to assist the body’s natural healing process and address the triggers causing the imbalance.

Kinesiology can assist in achieving clarity and focus. It works through clearing repeated behaviours that may be sabotaging personal or business goals. The benefits of having regular sessions, whether once a month or every six weeks, can be felt in all aspects of life.

Who can benefit from Kinesiology?

Children can benefit from Kinesiology to maximise their learning and thinking potential. Children who experience difficulty with reading, writing, handwriting, filtering out noise and information in the classroom, ADD, motor function, self-esteem, emotional and social difficulties, would benefit from Kinesiology sessions.

Corporate high achievers can improve productivity and feel the benefit on a business level especially where they experience high level reasoning, analytical thinking, multitasking and problem solving.

Busy parents can benefit from having a Kinesiology session because it helps to balance their thinking ability to perform simple tasks clearly and effectively. This is particularly beneficial because as they change so do the people around them.

Kinesiology and Allergies

Kinesiology offers a potentially different way to identify bodily sensitivities to substances that promote an allergic reaction. Children in particular can benefit from the use of Kinesiology to point the way to certain allergenic substances that may be adversely affecting them. Kinesiology offers the advantage of potential identification without the need for taking blood samples. A very useful technique in small children and those afraid of needles.


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