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How can a Corporate Health Programme benefit my company?

Natural Healthcare combines modern and traditional approaches to support a wide variety of health conditions from the common cold to pain and depression. Our Naturopaths are experts in natural medicine.

Naturopaths look at the whole body and its environment for the root cause of illness. We strive to use the most natural means to assist the body in healing itself.

At Centro Health we offer a wide range of services and techniques for improved workplace health:

Lifestyle, Diet, Herbal Medicine, Vitamins, Massage, Bowen Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiological Counseling are within the range of our services that contribute to Corporate Health and can result in a happier healthier and more productive work force.

A particular benefit of Natural Medicine is that no matter what the presenting ailment, we take whole person and their surrounding lifestyle and environment into account.

Is Naturopathic Care Really Safe and Well Studied?

Naturopathic care is safe and effective. A body of emerging research is showing benefits of holistic naturopathic care in:

Cardiovascular health: high risk of heart disease can be reduced and with it the incidence of metabolic syndrome (a major factor of heart disease) with naturopathic care and experienced an overall decrease in their 10-year risk of coronary artery disease.

Pain reduction: Chronic low back pain can be significantly reduced under naturopathic care as compared to conventional care, with incidental improvements in body weight and spinal flexion. Naturopathic care was also found to be more cost-effective with employers receiving a 7.9% return on investment in care.

Mental health: Employees with chronic anxiety disorder experienced a 56% reduction in symptoms under naturopathic care with additional improvements in concentration, fatigue, social functioning, vitality and overall quality of life.

Diet: Quarterly visits to a naturopath for diet care resulted in significant blood sugar reductions over regular treatment alone, with increases in physical activity and improvements in mood.

Your Return on Investment

Studies in the US show:
A Corporate Health program is estimated to yield $3.50 for every $1 invested.
Illness is the greatest source of productivity loss. Companies who bring in a structured Corporate Health program, experience a 32% reduction in sick leave.
Corporate Health and associated workplace education can reduce healthcare costs by 20% to 55%
The average company saves approximately $350 per employee per year by using low risk programs to keep employees healthy

Getting the best of both worlds: complementing acute with chronic and preventive care

Using the prevalence of four risk factors for non-communicable disease (tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and insufficient exercise) a health risk factor profile can be built.

For OECD countries with data available in all four health risk areas for 2007, Canada fares the best, with Australia not far behind. The United Kingdom had the worst profile, partly due to having the worst alcohol consumption and physical inactivity rates. Ireland is close behind the United Kingdom.

While Australia fares relatively well for this health risk profile, the burden of preventable disease remains. Australians still suffer from non-communicable diseases (often work stress related ) such as heart attack, stroke and cancer. Thus, Australia has room to improve on its health risk factor profile.

The economic consequences of non-communicable diseases are huge, because of the combined burden of health care costs and lost economic productivity due to illness and premature deaths. A study commissioned by the World Economic Forum concluded that the world will sustain a cumulative output loss of $47 trillion between 2011 and 2030 because of non-communicable diseases and mental illness, about $30 trillion of which will be attributable to cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic pulmonary diseases, and diabetes.

Non-communicable diseases are also a major cause of catastrophic health expenditure among the uninsured.

The Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that drugs themselves, properly used (not overdosed), are the fourth leading cause of death. A core advantage that we offer is that Naturopathic Medicine uses scientifically tested natural products and a consideration of the whole person and their work / life environment to bring about healthy change.

The Power of Prevention

Medical research has shown about 40% – 45% of all cancers are preventable through diet and lifestyle choices.

DNA isn’t destiny.

For example, research shows that if a patient has a gene for stroke, it can be blocked by eating a Mediterranean style diet.

About 70% of “disease” genes may be turned on or off based on how we ‘bathe’ our genes through choices in food, lifestyle, sleep, exercise, toxin burden, and supplementation.

Preventable illnesses make up 70% of illness costs in the United States.

Centro’s Corporate Health Programs

The basis of change for the better is Education, Awareness and Support.

How does your company get started on the road to health?

Contact our Business Development Manager, Sean Groombridge on 0414 427 817 or [email protected] to set up an information session and learn more about how Centro Innovative Health can boost your company’s performance.

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