Lisa Gray – Kinesiologist


Occupational Therapist


Lisa’s journey to natural health has been instigated by her own health concerns over many years. With an upbringing of ‘going to the doctor’ for just about anything that wasn’t quite right, it became the normal way of dealing with ailments for many years. Lisa soon realised she was in fact becoming more and more unhealthy and not taking responsibility for her own health in the way she should. Having personally experienced allergies, asthma, weight gain, and other health issues at times, the majority of these have now been assisted, if not completely alleviated through natural therapies alongside any essential medical therapies needed.

Lisa is a compassionate and caring and is excited to have joined Centro Health’s Team to bring kinesiology to you.

Kinesiology covers anatomy & physiology, neurology, nutrition, musculoskeletal, hormonal and biological systems of the body alongside the emotional and spiritual aspects to bring holistic mind and body balance to the whole person. Lisa’s greatest area of interest lies in nutrition and gut health, knowing that this has been a large part of her own progression to better health. Her passion for kinesiology and how it can help every person in a profound yet gentle way will keep Lisa working as a kinesiologist

Lisa is incredibly passionate about kinesiology and how it can help you reach and maintain a high level of health and wellbeing. Her compassion and care for others flows through to how she interacts with her clients. Her interest in the immune system, the microbiome of the gut, nutrition and allergies has lead Lisa to be part of the Centro Health team and she loves working with people in this area of health. Her own experiences with allergies (rye and nearly every other grass that grows in Australia!) had her a prisoner of indoors every Spring and Summer, Lisa now rarely suffers from any allergies, enjoys the outdoors any time of the year and can eat foods containing rye!

Kinesiology provides an alternative method of investigating allergies for those who do not wish to have a blood test so is perfect for children and infants where blood tests can be rather traumatic. There are many adults also that may prefer to utilise kinesiology for their symptoms too. Lisa’s kind and gentle manner will help you and your child feel at ease while having kinesiology. She will guide you through the process so you have full knowledge of your child’s responses to the therapy. Kinesiology is suitable for all ages from birth onwards.

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