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Rose Parker is an Occupational therapist with a B.App.Sc in Occupational Therapy and over 25 years experience in the management of musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Having graduated from Curtin University (then W.A.I.T) in 1985, she undertook post-graduate studies in the area of pain and stress management, and began her private practice in June 1986 in central Perth.

Areas of Practice

Rose utilises myofascial trigger point therapy as a deep form of soft tissue therapy that has been found to be extremely effective in the treatment of chronic or long standing musculoskeletal pain, particularly where repetitive activity or sustained posture is exacerbating pain. For example:

Headache and neck pain

Pain that is exacerbated by hours spent sitting at a computer, writing or reading (and don’t even get her started on laptop computers or facebook!)

Low back pain

There are many causes of chronic low back pain. The first and most important thing is accurate diagnosis, to determine the cause of the pain. Degenerative joint disease or disc bulges are often underlying contributors to chronic pain, but the more insidious cause can be postural. For example, how long do you spend sitting in a chair each day? Is that chair ergonomically correct for you? How old is the bed you are sleeping on? Do you exercise regularly to keep your core strong (especially as we age)? Or do you just get out in the garden for eight hours one Sunday a month and wonder why you wake with severe pain on Monday morning? We call this the weekend warrior syndrome.

Overuse injuries

As an Occupational Therapist Rose has specialised in overuse injuries of the upper limb, particularly where they are exacerbated by occupation, such as extended use of computer systems such as computer aided design programs or data entry.

In our technological age, all age groups are increasingly interacting with technology in all manner of daily activities. We have become more inactive as we become more specialised, sitting in one position performing specialised tasks. Strategies include good ergonomic workspace, a correct work/stretch/rest balance, hydration and nutrition also effect good muscle function.


Performance Related Musculoskeletal Disorder. Rose has a particular interest in injuries affecting musicians, as she is also a musician herself. She lectures at WAAPA in Occupational Health and Safety and sees musicians and music students on a one on one basis to assess, treat and educate on self-management strategies, to prevent injury or manage it well if you have pain developing. Only in very rare cases would you have to stop playing (every musicians nightmare), so do something before it gets severe.

So if you have pain that has been with you for sometime, or a nagging injury that won’t go away that seems to get worse when you do certain activities, at work or play, then an occupational therapist may be able to offer you a range of solutions including soft tissue therapy, ergonomic assessment, education regarding activity tolerance and pain and stretching and strengthening exercises.

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