Simon Taylor – Counsellor


Simon Taylor, Professional Counsellor, AIPC, ACA.


Dip Professional Counselling, AIPC
BSc (Hons) Engineering (UK)
Chartered Professional Engineer, MIEAust, CP Eng, NPER-3 1305754

Areas of Practice

Relationship and Conflict; Abuse; Work and Life Balance; Career Direction; Grief and Loss; Family Therapy.


Simon is a long standing professional leader and manager in engineering and operations, predominately oil & gas industry, with some mining experience. He has also practiced within the Water Corporation, Defence, and Power industries within WA and internationally. The last twenty years have been at General Manager/CEO level in both engineering services contractor and in operator roles.

The benefits that a lifetime of experience brings to helping others

The privilege of this extensive life experience in heavy industry bestows an understanding and empathy for the pressures, stress and anxieties which confront both organisations and individuals in their endeavours for success, performance and life fulfillment.

Simon has subsequently formalized his qualifications to help people in crisis, by completing the Diploma Professional Counselling, Australian Institute of Professional Counselling, and is a full member of the Australian Counselling Association with professional supervision.

Whatever the nature of the crisis, it is a very personal experience, where listening, empathy, and understanding are an essential feature of moving towards recovery. For a professional, in crisis, we can accelerate the journey towards restoration and recovery, having travelled that journey many times with others. This is the opportunity of help available through Centro’s counselling team, which can, when needed, refer to psychologists, and psychiatrists, for additional breadth of skill set and experience.

It is a premise of the practice that the counselor’s values are of no account. The values, and information shared by the client, are both confidential and without condemnation or judgment. The goals within counselling are the client’s goals. The job of the counselor is to listen; appraise; establish clear and specific goals; establish balance; explore options; provide tools of self development or engagement; birth a conclusion towards action; track, encourage and share the progress of the journey – adjust and tune.

Main Areas of Practice

Relationship and Conflict are a normal way of life. People in close proximity with their fellow man can be in harmony or they can bring out the worst in each other. Perhaps a re-connection and reconciliation is sought but the way forward is not revealed. Reframe the position; see from different viewpoints; develop expectations and goals. Discover the driving forces. Make a road map for the options and balance the choices to move on – to go forward.

Abuse is a complex intentional action, which harms or injures another person. It can be physical, emotional or spiritual, and sometimes is very subtle and devious in nature. It can manifest in the office, at home, in social circles. In client terms, you might know that you need to understand and improve your own behaviour, or you might be the victim. Coping strategies can overwhelm and become ineffective or make things worse. The experience is unacceptable within our society, but managing and resolving the situation can be challenging.

Work Life Balance and Career Direction are inter-related challenges in life. Balance can be a key. Values are another. Values need to be considered across a range of measures which encompass work and the rest of your life, and the people you want to include. Balance can be skewed by one aspect of life dominating. We are seeking what really matters in life, according to your personal values, which will lead to a panoramic view of life and the holistic goals that embrace passions, but accommodate values in all aspects of life’s richness.

Grief and Loss can be more than a bereavement, the common association for the term. Every major life experience can generate the same emotions, and the devastation being experienced can cripple life for long periods of time. It is common for those who are close and loving to struggle with the presenting emotions and behaviours, and their empathy drops off over time. The journey can be hard, without help.

Family Therapy is an extension or sub-group of Relationship Counselling, a more specialized challenge usually embracing a focus on one individual and the impacts upon the holistic family. There will be a part to play for every member.

We all can determine our destiny
The basis of Simon’s practice is people centred. The premise is that, you have both the charge of and the capacity/capability to determine your own destiny, but sometimes, you need help to discover it.

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