Testimonials Susan Carr

Testimonials Susan Carr

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Here’s a selection of the client testimonials we have received.

Trish EdgarAmanda and Jamie HesfordSandra WangPenny HowellLucienne Tessens
I have consulted a couple of naturopaths over the years and Susan is a cut above her peers in natural medicine. My GP recommended her to me when it was clear that conventional medicine and my focus on a healthy lifestyle could not address my multiple and worsening health issues.

Susan’s diagnostic/treatment approach is scientific and gets results. I think her extensive experience and obvious skill in treating hormonal conditions is the most valuable aspect of what she can offer to her clients. She is always building on her knowledge base too.

I have appreciated how she has taken the time to assess my concerns and to customise the treatment. Some of my health problems are just a memory now and I am seeing continual improvement in the issues that we’re currently working on.

Many people think they just have to put up with their own poor health. You don’t have to – Susan can help where others can’t.

Thanks to Susan and her expertise, I am achieving my health goals.

-Trish Edgar

Testimonials Susan Carr

Susan has been our trusted naturopath for close to ten years, providing us with guidance on everything from detoxifying, weight loss, skin conditions, stress and anxiety relief and conception.

When we became pregnant with our first daughter Claudia in 2007 whilst travelling in Europe, we contacted Susan immediately for advice on nutrition and morning sickness remedies. She guided us throughout the pregnancy on our return to Perth and I credit her advice for our healthy and intelligent daughter.

When we were ready for our second child in 2010, we undertook Susan’s pre-conception care program and fell pregnant in the first month with our second daughter Josephine.

We were now living in Karratha and Susan again guided us through our second pregnancy via telephone calls and emails, assisting me with my energy levels and providing the best supplements available.

I have recommended Susan to many friends over the years, especially friends seeking fertility advice. She is genuinely warm, caring and nurturing whilst providing very professional, discreet and knowledgeable advice.

Testimonials Susan Carr

I was suffering from migraine and bad PMS for the past 8 years. It was parralysing 2-3 days per month of my life as I couldn’t function normally. This was effecting my life, whether it’s work or planning for holidays.

I’ve tried all possible remedies or check-ups that I could find; GP’s, neurologist, ultra-sound, acupuncture, Chinese herbalists, chiropractor and physiotherapist. All doctors prescribed me with medication or over the counter paracetamols/ibuprofens, but I know that this is only a band-aid solutions and taking all these medications will not be good for me in the long run.

Then I began to look for a natural remedy, so I went to Medibank website and searched for a member’s choice Naturopath… that’s how I’ve found Susan Carr from Centro.

I was already impressed that after I’ve made the appointment, I was given a very detailed health questionnaire that I had to fill out and email back before my first consultation.

Sure enough, I’ve found Susan was very thorough about my condition (my previous experience with other consultations were very rushed) and she cares about my whole well-being with the focus of getting me better. She also got me to do various tests just to make sure that she covered all bases.

Susan gave me natural prescriptions and advised me to change my life-style. It took some time to get used to, but I was really determined to get better. So within 1 month I could feel some improvements in my body and after 3 months of following Susan’s directions and have a regular consultation with her, for the first time in 8 years, I had a migrainless ‘time of the month’. It really is an answered prayer!

Since then, I’ve been recommended Susan to all my friends and family as I want them too to get the health freedom that I’m experiencing resulting from the treatments.

There are still some things that we are working on, but Susan gave me hope that I’m on my way to live healthily again! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Susan…

Testimonials Susan Carr

When I first met Susan I was suffering from extreme PMS symptoms, was extremely tired and run down and was battling weight problems after the birth of my son.

Before contacting Susan I had been to see a couple of GPs but they were only interested in telling me what they thought around my symptoms and were not treating the cause. On my first meeting with Susan she was genuinely concerned about my problems and started from the position of obtaining information through blood and saliva tests. After obtaining the results from these tests, Susan developed a program which had amazing results in terms of increasing my energy levels and managing my PMS. After this, Susan worked with me in helping to get my weight under control. This was achieved through a program that focussed on sensible eating with support from selected products. Susan carefully monitored my progress and her support during the six months spent on this weight management program was fantastic.

Since I achieved my goal weight 18 months ago I have not put back on any weight. A large reason for this is that Susan educated me in understanding why you put on weight as well as continued support from her.

Susan genuinely cares about her clients. She has a thorough approach in seeking to establish the possible cause of medical problems and is constantly researching products to ensure her clients receive the best treatment possible.

I would not hesitate in recommending Susan to anyone seeking help for medical issues or seeking to effectively achieve long term weight loss.

Testimonials Susan Carr

I can’t say enough about the wonderful help Susan Carr has given me. My penetrating headaches have gone, my constant tiredness has disappeared and now I can sleep the whole night through, waking up refreshed and not feeling irritable. To top it off, I have lost more than 12 kilos due to Susan’s fantastic and easy-to-follow weight loss program. I not only feel but also look ten years younger since I started my health program with Susan.

I can thoroughly recommend Susan to anyone as she will go above and beyond to help with your health issues. Her caring attitude, eye for detail, excellent diagnostic skills together with her determination to achieve results with her patients, make her the well-respected naturopath she is.

Thanks Susan, for transforming my life.

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